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Why use organic products for the hair?

Every time there is more people that care and consciousness about the habits and healthy lifestyles. The natural cosmetic products are picking up ever more strength due to the health benefits that they bring. No one likes to use harmful agents that may damage our scalp, or for our planet.

If you are interested in this type of products, you're in the perfect place. In Beauty Brazil we have a wide variety of organic treatments to the hair without silicones or parabens. Healthy products for all hair types at the best prices.

When a person is looking for a released shampoo or conditioner, they are dealing with hair products that do not contain sulfates, petrolates, silicones, or any other hair-damaging ingredients in the composition. We explain the difference of the three techniques that exist.

Low Poo

It is a technique that uses shampoo whose composition does not contain sulfates aggressive for the hair, silicones or any derivative of petroleum.

No Poo

Unlike the Low Poo technique explained above, the Released No Poo is a technique that does not use shampoo to wash the hair. In this case, as its name indicates (without shampoo), the hair must be washed without using shampoo and substituted with other products such as balms.

Co Wash

The Co Wash technique consists of washing the hair with conditioners that do not contain sulfates, mineral oils or vaseline, among others. This method is highly recommended for curly hair, as it manages to fully hydrate the curls without drying them out and restoring the definition they need.