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Show off your straightening with the Brasil Cacau de Belleza Brasil range

Brazil Cocoa is a well-known brand of products for the care of the hair, source brazilian and very well evaluated by the best hairdressers from all over the world.

This complete line capillary is composed of Treatment and maintenance for house promotes the repair of the hair, reducing volume eliminating frizz; at the same time that nourishes, restores and gives shine and softness to your hair. The products are made with active principles of top quality and highly innovative and suitable for all hair types.

Its main components are:

- Keratin: a tough protein composed of amino acids and rich in sulphur, which gives flexibility, strength, shine, elasticity and, in particular, protection to the hair.

- Cocoa: Its properties millenary restore, nourish and strengthen damaged hair, restoring its vitality; this is because it has vitamin B1 and magnesium, that provide nutrition, elasticity, strength, and silkiness.

- D-Panthenol: also called Pro-Vitamin B5, is a natural constituent of the hair which repairs, reduces the formation of tips brittle, provides brightness and delivers elasticity and flexibility in the interior of each hair.

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Straightening keratin Brazilian Cocoa

In general, this treatment is recommended for all hair types. In particular, it is very benefits for hair with high-volume, frizz, curly hairs or ondulaodos. It can also be applied to hair treated chemically. As a result it achieves a smooth effect and an effective control of the frizz.

Brazil Cocoa works with an acid PH of 2.8, which added to the heat of the irons of smoothing applied on the hair makes it easier for the active ingredients of the treatment smoothed to adhere and penetrate the interior of the hair, which realigns your cuticle, leaving the surface more smooth, the hair sorted which results in a control volume and frizz. In addition, the base realignment and smooth purchased generates a greater reflection of the light, which creates a hair with radiant shine.

We recommend not to apply in case of diseases to the skin of the scalp like alopecia, dermatitis, irritation, or psoriasis. In addition, do not apply in case of pregnancy or to children under 12 years.

Detail of its components

  • D_Pantenol, natural constituent of the hair, the lack of which in the hair, leaving it brittle and without shine. D-Panthenol, therefore, it repairs the hair, minimizes the formation of tips dehydrated, contributes to the flexibility, elasticity and shine of hair.
  • Acetic acid contributes with its low pH of the adherence of the product to the hair.
  • Cocoa, for its part, the Cocoa, restores, nourishes, strengthens damaged hair, restoring its natural fortress. In addition, cocoa contains significant amount of vitamin B1 and magnesium which give shine, strength and softness to the hair.

Keratin is a protein highly resistant, composed of amino acids and rich in sulphur, which protects the hair, giving flexibility, strength, shine, elasticity and a degree of waterproofness.

Application procedure

There are three steps that need to be applied with discipline to achieve the desired results. The process takes 2 to 3 hours depending on the length and volume of the treated hair.

  • Step 1: To begin, apply a shampoo that opens the cuticle to penetrate the product conditioning. This product is left to act for a certain time, according to the characteristics of the hair. Then washed and dried.
  • Step 2: once this step is done begins the application of the product conditioning. This process is the longest since they must try the hair sections, to ensure the application to all of the hair.
  • Step 3: When you have already applied the product all over the head and is dry, proceed with the third next step, that is press it straight, which is supplemented with the application of a moisturizing cream that you leave on for a few minutes, to finish then with a rinse and final drying.