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With so many options of hair care on the Internet is easy that you feel confused, but there is a solution and is to choose the product that has only the best. If you are looking for products for your hair that will make you to highlight your mane in public, then you are looking for the products of Novex.

All products Novex have been designed to meet all your needs regarding the care of your hair.

Novex Embelleze: hair treatments

Novex-Embelleze is the mark of a Professional Treatment present in in the transformation of the hair of more than 60 million brazilian women. The treatment creams Novex have been specially created to be used in the hands of the hairdressers most prestigious in the world. Its formula has been developed to act penetrating deep into the hair fiber. Technology the root to the tips, the result of this action ultraprofunda are hair super treated, soft and with an intense shine and praise for all sides.

It is a system of deep conditioning and very nutritious developed to treat the hair and restore its shine and softness.

Its formula is enriched with vitamin E, a major component for the strength and the growth of the hair.

With the professional quality of a beauty salon, the products of Novex are suitable for all hair types.

Novex is the care, brazilian most well-known hair in the world and can be found in more than 45 countries.

The hair care treatments deep Novex are essential to restore the moisture of the hair natural, luster and smoothness.

It is also used to recondition the hair after chemical treatments such as straightening, relaxation of curl, color, and tools of heat such as blow dryers and irons.

The deep treatment continuum is the key to keeping a hair healthy, shiny, silky and soft.

With a lot of products for hair care in the market, there is no doubt that you can miss looking for the most reliable.

Are you looking for products that can make your hair stand out in public? Do you want a product that can promote your beauty as a woman?

Products hair care of Novex have been designed to meet all your needs with respect to hair care.

Novex Hair Care system is a deep conditioning developed to treat the hair and restore shine and softness.

In addition, Novex can be used on all hair types, since it is based in brazilian women with a variety of hair in all colors and shapes.

Novex is easy to use and are easily used at home. Defines curls and waves while eliminating the frizz giving your hair shine and silkiness.

Products and Ingredients of the range Novex

To accommodate all types of hair, Novex is available in four formulas enriched with vitamin E: brazilian keratin, olive oil, argan oil , bamboo shoot and coconut oil.

Olive oil (deep moisture)

With an innovative formula that uses olive oil Portuguese finest, the olive oil Novex treats the dry hair, giving hydration and protection deep.

Ideal for curly hairs and wavy, the family of shampoo Olive Oil and conditioning treatments will provide all day shine, protection, and life on the curls.

Argan oil (Frizz Control)

Enriched with oil of Argan pure Moroccan, embelleze Novex Argan Oil is full of moisture, potent and natural antioxidants for the hair.

Ideal for straight hair and the extensions, Argan oil private label the Novex repair damage in the cell membrane of the particles of the hair, increasing the strength of the hair fiber and restore shine and softness in hair.

The split ends are reversed and the hair will get rid of the frizzy, dry and it stops being boring.

Bamboo (growth and strength of hair)

With assets of super concentrates of bamboo and enriched with a blend of amino acids, minerals and vitamins A, B and C, Novex Bamboo is a treatment for the hair broken / weak that you need an extra dose of strength and growth.

The shampoo and conditioning treatments are specifically developed to strengthen naturally the hair and stimulate the roots for growth.

Coconut oil (nutrition and silkiness)

These products are enriched with coconut oil-purest of Brazil and vitamin E, resulting in an intense treatment to repair dry hair and undisciplined.

Resets the brightness and prolongs the effect more smooth and straight on the hair.

Novex My Curls or My curls (moisture and movement)

Novex My Curls has been specially created to give you curls and give movement and a lot of hydration.

Given that the curly hair requires a lot of moisture, Novex combined 7 moisturizing oils in the product My Curls .

These include Olive Oil, Argan, Ojon, Monoi, Coconut, Shea Butter and Oils of Moringa.

This special blend of oils will give a curl defined and hair with intense hydration, nourishment, anti-frizz and shine spectacular.

The cranberry, the fruit small but powerful, also helps to shape the curls perfectly while maintaining brightness.

Brazilian keratin (smoothing and repair deep)

Keratin is the main protein found in particles of hair and is essential for healthy hair.

However, 70-80% of the keratin in the hair is lost due to air drying, hair curlers, hair irons, solar rays, heat and dryness in excess and other harmful chemicals.

The keratin strengthens the hair structure and gives as a result a hair shiny and soft with natural movement.

What is keratin?

Keratin is a natural protein rich in amino acids that is present in our hair and nails, in fact, 85% of hair is composed of cells keratinized.

The Keratin Treatment "Without Chemicals" has as main function to restructure and repair the hair damaged by the use and abuse of discoloration, dyes and tools in thermal, restoring vitality, strength and structure.

What are the masks for deep conditioning Novex?

It is a deep treatment for hair, able to repair, restructure, hydrate, nourish, provide strength, growth, as well as brightness and silkiness, depending on the assets with which it is combined.

What are the main ingredients of the products Novex?

Keratin, ceramides, amino acids, vitamins, proteins, silicone oils, hidramiel, D-panthenol, minerals, among others.

What are the benefits of the products Novex?

Novex has an intensive treatment for every hair type, treating it specifically combining it with other vitamins and minerals.

Repair the cells of keratin by the incorporation of matter in the cortex and seal the cuticle of the hair shaft, leaving you with strong, hydrated, vitalized, loose, silky, hair free of frizz with dazzling luster.

How often should I use the products Novex?

Depends on the damage of your hair, however, it is advisable to use them at least once a week.

You should see the changes you get with the product and thus determine if you need to rotate the use of the products according to the needs of your hair.

What products Novex is formaldehyde?

Our treatments do not contain formaldehyde or other chemicals.

About Novex Embelleze

Novex is the brand name of Professional Treatment that in all his years in the market has shown its enormous capacity to fulfill all that it promises. To do this, you need to be always updating and improving, but without losing what is most precious: the confidence you place in all the members of the family NOVEX.

Novex is part of Embelleze, a 100% brazilian company dedicated to the hair care, who understands the needs hair of the women and creates the best solutions of beauty for women of all ethnicities with different life styles and different needs in hair care.

If you want to know more about the products Novex or have any questions please contact us.