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What results can I expect from a keratin treatment?

The keratin treatment, contrary to what is commonly thought, does not smooth the hair, but it restructures to return to being healthy. The results are reduced frizz, more smoothness, more shine and look more disciplined, and therefore easier to smooth if desired.

The application protocol follows a few simple steps. The first is usually the washing of the hair with a specific shampoo that opens the hair cuticles. Below, is retirae the excess moisture leaving the hair almost dry. Then apply the keratin layers. For the treatment to have best results is to let the protein rest in order to penetrate properly. The next step is to seal the keratin, which is achieved by means of the application of the iron. Finally, the hair is combed normally.

This treatment is not eternal, lasts between 2 and 4 months, so if we want to maintain the results, you must repeat it regularly. Even so, the anti-aliasing of ketarina is a widely recommended treatment, and that seals the hair giving you a renewed strength.

These treatments are especially appreciated in the brazilian straightening, in which we found hair is really rebellious and in need of a strong product and the ability to bring hair to a smooth firm and durable. That is where the effect of the keratin has a more important role achieving effects very beneficial for our hair and hair health.