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With Kativa achieved a hair shiny and healthy

Kativa is a brand of products for hair care, made with natural components and that do not contain sulfates, salt, or parabens. And what benefits does this have for my hair? Many:

The salt or sodium chloride is employed in the manufacture of shampoos only to give consistency to the product without providing any benefit to the hair, to the contrary, it causes frizz, volume and the release of chemical jobs such as colouring, straightening, perms, etc., in Addition, this type of salt removes the keratin that it is responsible to moisturize and strengthen the hair.

The sulfates have the function to create foam and remove the fat. Sulfates “encapsulate” the dirt in our hair, and then remove it in the form of foam. They are not harmful for health but yes they can cause irritation in people with sensitive scalp. These dry out the hair and remove the natural oils of the scalp; in addition, they are abrasive, negative point for those who are tinturan, because they drag the color quickly.

Parabens are preservatives, mostly derived from petroleum. Some products choose to use preservatives organic, which cause no harm to the health of our hair; others use synthetic preservatives, that is to say, artificial, without organic origin.

Kativa is a family of rituals capillaries very complete and specific. To be products without the trio chemical mentioned, help to the color and processes such as straightening or permanent to last much more; it also reduce the irritation of the scalp and allow the natural oil of the hair work better.

Kativa understands to perfection the different problems that we have women with hair, offers hair treatments to combat all types of problems of hair such as dehydration, lack of shine, unruly hair, etc

This brand has as a mission "to help improve the quality of life of the people, through innovative products". It is for this reason that designs their products thinking in every type of hair and with the intention of take care of lines with specific free of sulfates, parabens, or gluten.

Whatever your case, there is a solution designed for you! Thanks to the different lines that offers KATIVA now you can customize your shampoos, conditioners, oils and treatments to achieve beautiful hair: Argan Oil. Macadamia and Keratin, Quinoa, Collagen, Kerapro.

Its star product

One of their most popular products is the Straightening of keratin. If your hair is frizzy, unruly and difficult to handle, this is your product to get hair soft and smooth in the house not to pass by the hairdresser! The famous Kit Brazilian Straightening Kativa is a treatment of smoothing with the following features:

- Reduces frizz: people with hair very rebels will finally smooth out your hair.

- Nourishes and hydrates your hair: its formula is designed to not only straighten the curls, but to take care of your hair Kativa always takes into account the hair care

- Gives shine to your hair: what good would a hair smooth if this doesn't have any kind of brightness?

- Does not have formaldehyde in its composition: its main components are Keratin and Argan Oil

The Brazilian Straightening makes your hair frizzy, a hair-smooth and with a natural glow.

The treatment of Keratin Kativa is a product that is widely recognised in the hairdressing sector. Thousands of sales attest to its success. Many bloggers with influence have tried it and have spoken wonders of him. If you want to smooth your hair without the need of going to the barber, and above all you want to do it in a sustainable way, this kit Kativa is your best option.

How do you maintain your Straightened Kativa?

To maintain the smooth perfect is what we are all women after having performed this treatment; doing so that lasts for more time, smooth, soft and with shine is our goal!!!

With KATIVA-POST STRAIGHTENING, we will make it.

Its formula based on Keratin hydrolyzed, will cause the vitamins and proteins into small particles more easily to your hair through the cuticles to restore the nutrition and vitality it needs. Also its formula is made with exquisite Argan oil that adds moisture, shine and softness to every hair fibre!

In addition, KATIVA-POST STRAIGHTENING does NOT contain SALT, SULFATES or PARABENS. This is a VERY important factor if you really want to keep the smoothing, as to be free of... 1. Salt, your hair will dry out, 2. ... free of Sulfates, do not devastate with the natural Keratin and... 3. ... free of Parabens, do not misuse your scalp or hair.

With all of this, KATIVA-POST STRAIGHTENING becomes the best option for t0i. Don't let anything stop you from showing a hair spectacular and feel glamorous!

Products Kativa beyond Straightening

The products Kativa help to make your hair more healthy and shine with a greater brightness. You have a series of tips to make your hair shine beyond where you go.

Detangles your hair with the use of a comb or brush to achieve a better distribution of the product; and help to remove the residues of gels, oils, fixatives, among others.

Use the Shampoo suitable! It is very important that you use the shampoo suitable according to the type of hair you have, also to know the need and the result you want to obtain is critical to the choice of the ideal shampoo. We recommend you to use shampoos free of salt, sulfates, and parabens so you do not damage your hair.

First, wet your hair with a little warm water and work the shampoo gently on the scalp, simulating the shape of a star.

Makes a small massage with the yolk of the fingers (never with nails) to remove the excess of localized fat and activating the microcirculation.

Then apply another amount of shampoo into the lengths of your hair.

The proper amount to apply is according to how long is your hair, for example: if you have short hair or medium, you can apply the equivalent to the size of a walnut; in the case of long hair, enough to cover the entire length of your hair.

Be sure to rinse well your hair.

Use warm water to remove the excess shampoo so you have to do so with greater effectiveness.

Finally, drop a jet of cold water on the long hair to close the cuticles and leave more aligned the fibers, so as to obtain a higher brightness.

When you blow-dry your hair do it gently, remember that your hair is more prone to damage when it is wet.

Then use the conditioner from the line Kativa that you have selected. In this way promoverás the shine and softness you've always wanted!