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Hair dryers Parlux have the best Italian technology using the components more advanced. Each dryer Parlux is designed to enhance the art of drying as an essential part of a mane dazzling and the fame includes a wide assortment of hair dryers, efficient and powerful in equal parts. The latest addition to the collection Parlux is the hairdryer Parlux 385, which becomes the Parlux more lightweight and powerful.

All these dryers are powerful, professional and perfect for use in salons, and now you bring them so that you can achieve these results home. Loved by stylists all over the world, the fantastic range Parlux includes everything from dryers heavy for a few results to hair dryers lightweight and portable to take it where you want it.

Discover hair dryers Parlux in sophisticated black, pink, glamorous, eye-catching purple or blazing red. You just have to find the one you like the most to take the technology of the professional hair to your home. These powerful dryers have been created for professional use and are very comfortable to get great results time and time again. Check out the favorites of Beauty Brazil, such as the Parlux 385, as well as dryers compact and the turbo.

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