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Erayba Proffesional Line

HydraKer / Total Repair

Intense keratin and argan oil treatment, absolute hydration and renewed hair. Free of parabens, salts and sulfates, with hypo-allergenic perfume.

For damaged hair that needs special care and deep hydration. It manages to repair the hair from the inside, provides protection, shine, nutrition and a smoothing effect. Combine the HydraKer series in different rituals and restore hair to its natural youth and beauty.

Style Active / Fixation Line

Your imagination without limits. Get to finish your hairstyles and styles with maximum freedom and creativity, at your leisure. Different textures, brightness and degrees of fixation depending on the time of day and the occasion, you decide. Inspire your favorite look with texturizing gels, sprays, waxes and pastes.


Intense and vibrant semi-permanent color cream. Ready to use, shiny and healthy hair. 9 color palette and neutral mixer that allow multiple combinations and mixes with each other, create your own custom color: vivid, pastel, cool fantasy and fashion looks. Achieve maximum creativity and unique effects.

Daily Active / Daily Line

Professional shampoo and conditioners for the daily care of your hair. A solution adapted to each type of hair and for each need. Choose the best option, take control and don't settle: fine, curly, colored, white, straight or normal hair.

With Kerafruit: keratin & multi-fruit acid complex system.

Treatments to achieve long-lasting and natural straightening, wavy and volume. Different strengths for all hair types, sensitive and resistant hair. Strengthens and restructures the hair fiber, improving its resistance, achieving a smooth and healthy result.

Free formula: No formaldehyde or ammonium thioglycolate. Free of parabens, salts and sulfates.