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Showing 1-11 of 11 item(s)

IC Fantasia is a company north american pioneer in the development of quality products for professionals of hairdressing. Fantasia is a brand of products multicultural developed especially for the care of afro hair.

In the past 45 years, the vast majority of manufacturers of care of the hair have disappeared, merged with other companies or abandoned completely the beauty industry.

Fantasia Industries Corporation is not merely a survivor, but an innovator of products for the industry of the living room that now comes to your home.

Oh IC Fantasy is busier than ever!

It's a safe bet that, in the new millennium, the products of IC fantasy is still the favorite among professional stylists everywhere.

IC Fantasia uses only the finest ingredients in their shampoos. We recommend using each shampoo according to your particular type of hair.

Specialists in the manufacture of shampoos for all hair types. From dry hair to oily hair, and from thin hair to thick hair.

The shampoos add nutrients and everything you need to both hair and scalp.

In addition, the products IC Fantasy not only provide style of hair, but also are used to protect your hair and to strengthen it.

Products IC Fantasy are multicultural

Products such as High Potgency IC, Color Glosser, liquid Mousse, Frizz Buster, Tea Tree Naturals, and the popular line Hair Polisher can be found in salons throughout the united States, as well as in other countries around the world.

The formula of the range of products IC Fantasy for the hair and scalp has healing properties that relieves deeply the hair and the scalp to stimulate the hair healthy and radiant.

This marvelous blend of vitamins, minerals and botanicals used daily will replenish lost moisture to reduce breakage.

Products that are ultra light with a fabulous fragrance that will make your beauty ritual, a pleasure.

Keratin shampoo daily oil

Shampoo Keratin Daily Hair Oil IC fantasia is ideal for hair with chemical treatments or damaged by the heat of styling products.

This product hydrates the hair dry and mistreated by returning it to its natural state and healthy.

In addition, it is enriched with antioxidants, the regular use of these products will eliminate frizz and your hair will be dry and frizzy.

Mask keratin daily oil

Fantasia IC Brazilian Hair Oil Keratin Mask repairs hair damage from hot tools and styling, as well as the damage of chemical treatments with regular use.

Mask enriched with antioxidants, vitamin E and keratin protein to nourish and mend split ends and frizz.

Returns to your hair the life it needs by providing elasticity and shine necessary, in addition to facilitating the hairstyle.

Treatment spray Keratin oil

IC Fantasy have all the ritual supplies you need your hair, from shampoo to oils like this one that moisturizes, strengthens and adds shine providing a silky touch.

This oil repairs the damaged areas of your hair and the time that you combat the hair curled up trying to eliminate the frizz.

It is a perfect product to protect your hair against the heat and the abuse of chemicals as it is free of alcohol, sulfates and sodium chloride.

In 24 hours, it gives hair a shine standing and the necessary moisture. Penetrates the hair cuticle and nourishes in addition to protect it with sunscreen.

Enriched with antioxidants provides a coverage ideal for the hair longer.

Keep your hair soft and healthy with IC Fantasy

Sometimes trying to keep your hair in optimal conditions such as the correct levels of humidity, brightness, etc can be a challenge.

It is important to be aware of some facts are unavoidable since there are no miracles:

  • The cold air contains less moisture, so you need protection for your hair when you are active outdoors.
  • The indoor environment also can be extremely dry due to the central heat and static electricity that is always a problem, especially during combing.
  • Hair very curly and difficult to manage.

For the dryness to environmental or physical damage, there are products of CI-fantasy specific features like that we have available in our online store and enriched with the creation of moisture-aloe, olive oil and serum of shine moisturizer.

You can join these products from IC Fantasy to provide the best protection against moisture that lasts all day.

A trick to repair heat damage from hot tools and styling, is to use the oil we have mentioned before, since applying the serum, protective and drying with a towel, you'll protect your hair from external factors.

This will create a shield against the burning of the tools of heat and help prevent breakage while maintaining moisture levels healthy.

You can finish with a layer of serum-Frizz-Buster of IC fantasy to keep the static electricity.

Do you still doubt? Ask us, we help you choose the products IC Fantasy that best suit you and your hair type.