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Keratin Straightening

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Showing 1-50 of 110 item(s)

What is the straightening of keratin?

The straightening of keratin is a process that will leave your hair restored, shiny and smooth. This is because the keratin is a synthetic protein that is found in the hair, reason for which when you apply this treatment, the hair is renewed.

It is also known as brazilian straightening because it comes from that country, in which the hair of many women is very curly and voluminous. It is a good option to reduce the frizz.

How long does it take? Depends on the type of hair you have, if you have a few waves, a few curls or if you have very curly and frizz. In addition to the care of how to take care after application. Usually, the results last two to six months.

How do you keep it? Once you have your hair smooth, you should use a shampoo with PH neutral or no salt, because the shampoos common will that the effect lasts less.