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Amazon Keratin in Beauty Brazil

The range of keratin Amazon Keratin is adequate to repair the hair from all types of damages and eliminate frizz completely, the care products Amazon Keratin, they are available in passion fruit and other fragrances for a hair rejuvenated and refreshed all the time.

The range includes apple extracts and variants of grapes for a delicious aroma during the treatment and, in addition, has excellent results that have been quality checked and tested on indian hair in different regions.

Variants of apple are free of formaldehyde and are available in different sizes and with an affordable price, which you will have more product to use, and will last longer.

The variants of grapes have a fragrance of exotic results exclusively for a hair more straight and are also available in different sizes.

BellezaBrasil features of this range of hair care variants softening of the keratin for a smooth appearance and a straight hair.

Be careful with the duplication and counterfeiting of products and find the original logo as we offer in BellezaBrasil.

Amazon Keratin: Keratin Amazon

Amazon Keratin is a brand that is globally acclaimed specialist in therapies capillaries. Their highly developed systems of straightening the hair to create healthy hair, without curly and beautiful.

The system of the straightening of keratin is an innovative treatment for the hair that combines the keratin protein and natural ingredients, not only to straighten hair but also to restore its natural health, leaving it looking silky and shiny.

Effect straightener

The special formula of Keratin, the Amazon has been shown to convert unruly curls in braids shiny and elegant, without losing the natural body of the hair.

By reducing the volume of unwanted and eliminate frizz, the system of tightening of the hair will leave the hair more easy to model in a short time.

Don't waste any more time with hours and hours of modeling of hair, or using products of modeling to achieve the desired results.

The system of modeling of hair has different formulas to treat any type of hair, including damaged hair or chemically treated.

Restoration of the effect

The system recovery will restore, rebuild, and strengthen each individual hair by warming the keratin protein inside of it, leaving your hair stronger, more shiny and much softer to the touch.

In addition, with products and treatments Amazon Keratin, you can control your hair easily.

No matter how much moisture there is in the environment or which are the climate changes, your hairstyle will be perfect and it will remain much more time.

Long-lasting effect

The only treatment for the straightening of hair which will improve the texture of your hair for a long period of time.

Through the use of the maintenance products you can enjoy up to 6 months, hair beautiful, manageable and silky.

What is the system of straightening hair Amazon Keratin?

The system of straightening hair keratin Amazon Keratin is an innovative treatment for the hair that combines the protein keratin and other natural ingredients to restore health to damaged hair.

  • To reduce the volume and eliminate frizz.
  • Make the hair soft and manageable.
  • Straightening the hair.
  • Leaves the hair looking silky and shiny.

Can I perform this treatment on hair color or highlights?

Yes. The system of the straightening of hair is especially formulated to revive and nurture all types of hair, including damaged hair or chemically treated.

Can I perform the treatment on virgin hair?

Yes. However, the results do not last as long as a treatment performed on hair previously colored or chemically treated

How long will the results last?

Up to four months on most types of hair. Two months when applied to virgin hair.

How often should I repeat the treatment?

Every four months or as needed.

Can I wash my hair after the treatment, and if so, when?

Yes. The hair can be washed one hour after you have finished the treatment.

Can I enter a swimming pool or in the sea after the treatment?

Yes, but only an hour after you have completed the treatment. Enjagua the hair with plenty of fresh water after getting out of the sea or of the swimming pool to minimize the effects of salt or chlorinated water in the duration of treatment results hair should be rinsed with fresh water.

Can I use shampoo and conditioner regularly after the treatment?

Yes. However, to maximize treatment results we recommend the maintenance line (Shampoo care keratin conditioner care keratin hair mask and keratin). These products are free of salt and sulfates, and were specially formulated to prolong the effects of the treatment with keratin.

Can I make the system of straightening hair Amazon Keratin if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

The choice of using Amazon Keratin TM products or any other chemical treatment during pregnancy and lactation is of a personal nature. We recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor.

What is the difference between the system of straightening hair Amazon Keratin and other treatments of keratin in the market?

  • The products of the keratin are made 100% in the USA of the ingredients and the natural products of the highest quality.
  • The system of straightening the hair has different formulas to treat any type of hair.
  • All of our treatments achieve consistent results and long-lasting.
  • We disclose all ingredients used in our products.