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Treatment straightening professional Kerapro

The combination of Keratin amino acids and natural fruit ensures a effect repair, nutrition and protection of the hair during and after the straightening process. This treatment of smoothing able to maintain a healthy hair, smooth, shiny, soft and with natural movement up to 12 weeks.

Straightening products Kerapro

Shampoo Pre Straightening: shampoo pre-aslisado deeply cleanses the hair removing all of the residues deposited on the surface of the hair fiber from external agents. In addition, also favors the results of smoothing even before the application of the mask. This shampoo prepares the hair to get the best results from straightening.

Mask Smoothing: this product you get smooth hair for up to 12 weeks thanks to their active alisantes and thermal protectors. Protects the strand hair and prevents the possible damages that may cause the heat during the straightening process. Also replenishes the keratin loss and nourishes and idrata deeply the hair.

Shampoo Post Smoothing: this product takes care of to deep clean the hair by removing residue left from the treatment planing. It is important to use a shampoo specific post-smoothing because it also helps to close the cuticle.

Conditioner Post-Smoothing: the mask will help to eliminate the volume and frizz. Nourishes, moisturizes and revitalizes the hair.

Serum Post-Straightening: the serum is a finalizer for immediate effect that prevents split ends, protects the hair and gives shine, softness and natural movement that needs the hair after a treatment of smoothing.

You can buy the products separately or purchase the complete treatment of smoothing, which has a discount to individual products.


Benefits of straightening professional Kerapro

-Smoothed professional up to 12 weeks

-Reduces frizz and protects the hair from moisture

-Get a hair of handles easy and simple

-Nourishes and intensely moisturizes the hair, leaving it more saludale and protected from external agents

-It is recommended for any hair type