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The term "free of sulfate" is the last point of discussion in the hair care industry.

While the concern for the use of the chemicals in the shampoos is not new, the interest has exploded in the past few months, reflecting the increased popularity of the beauty of "natural".

If you explore the shelves in any hairdressing or beauty salon, it would cost us to find a brand that did not promote its new formula "free of sulfates" that promises you the hair you have always dreamed of in a car wash.

But, we really ought to be reading the back of shampoo bottles to avoid sulfates, or is this another marketing technique?

What is a sulfate?

Sulfates are cleaning agents, and you can find them in any article, from a shampoo and toothpaste, to soaps and cleaners for the floor, although these latter contain much higher concentrations, of course.

When it comes to your shampoo, the sulfate (also called SLS) must acknowledge the effect of foaming to be so popular in television commercials, and also rinses any product buildup and excess oil in the hair.

the marks are used because they are cheap and because they work.

"Sulfates are, have been and will continue to be cleaning agents for many years because they are very effective, they have passed all the safety standards and can be formulated easily with other ingredients in a mild shampoo”.

What is the problem?

Ads of natural beauty have been expressing their concerns about the use of sulfates in our shampoos over the years, as the chemicals have been linked, although not yet tested anything, to cancer.

Sulfates are known to dry the hair, and are widely accused to cause irritation almost caressing the eczema.

Also cause itching uncomfortable if it gets to the eyes when you enjuagas the hair.

However, the experts talk about before to suppress the sulfates. Steven Shiel, director of scientific affairs at L'oreal UK and the man behind the first range-free sulfate Kérastase, said: "The sulfates are not intrinsically bad; It has been used in products for hair care for many decades. But we listen to our consumers, and they wanted natural products with the absence of certain ingredients, in particular, sulfates, silicones and parabens".

A famous stylist for celebrities, coincides with them saying that "I'm Not necessarily against the use of sulfates, but many of our customers were asking for a formula without sulfates, so we offer both."

Given that sulfates are safe, efficient and effective, it is possible that the free movement of sulfates in products for hair care can be confusing.

Well, the problem seems to be reduced to one thing: the shampoos that contain sulfate can be too good to do its job. While these shampoos remove the dirt and grime, they can also remove important substances that our scalp creates and needs, which leads to a loss of moisture.

Therefore, the products without sulfates are considered to be alternative softer, less dry and less foam to their counterparts that contain sulfate

What, then, sulphate yes or no?

Depending on your type of hair will be recommended a type of shampoo or another. Pay attention to these questions, will help you decide if you need a shampoo without sulfates or not.

Do you have curly hair and frizz?

If you've answered yes, it is likely that you do not need sulfates in your hair products.

If you use shampoo with sulfates with the curly hair, you'll get a kink poorly defined and poor, as the sulfate raises the cuticle of the hair, which makes it more likely to flush the scalp damaging.

In this scenario, a shampoo without sulfate is better because it will not remove the humidity as you would a normal shampoo.

The line of shampoo without sulfates Valquer presents products for hair care, cleansers without sulfates for different types of curls or waves.

Provide moisture and control frizz, which makes them ideal for curly hair or wavy. The wavy hair, which requires a product that is moisturizing but not so heavy.

Do you color your hair the hair?

If so, keep your new hair color intact with a shampoo without sulfate.

If you find yourself with a shampoo for color-treated hair, the more likely it is that it is free of sulfates.

The color-treated hair is BFF with shampoo without sulfate for two main reasons:

1. After a service of hair colour, your hair can be more dry than usual. However, a shampoo without sulfate will not dry the hair as much as you would a shampoo-sulfate.

2. Given that the shampoos and conditioners without sulfates are so soft, it is less likely that you will lose the tint or the shade of hair color.

How your hair is thick?

If so, you can omit the sulfate!

Thick hair tends to feel dry and rough, instead of smooth and silky, when you pass your fingers through the length of the hair.

This hair type can also benefit from a shampoo without sulfate as a shampoo without sulfate will not remove your hair of the moisture.

The natural oils from your scalp, they provide hydration when travelling all through your hair.

Another alternative to the use of a shampoo without sulfate is the colavado, a technique that is only used a conditioner with a shampoo to clean the hair.

Whatyour hair is damaged?

You answered yes, now say a resounding no to shampoos with sulfates.

At the other end of the spectrum, if your hair is fragile or damaged, a shampoo without sulfate will be sufficiently soft as to not make the situation worse, so, whatever moisture you have left in your hair, you can stay.

To strengthen the hair test the range of shampoo without sulfates Valquer

Can you go without washing the hair every day?

If yes, opt for a shampoo without sulfates.

It is possible that you can skip the shampoos daily because your hair does not produce much natural oil; therefore, a shampoo to be more gentle and no sulfates is what you need to compensate for the loss of oil.

If you answered "no" to many of these questions, it is recommended a shampoo regular contains sulfates and that we also have available in our online store.