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Brazilian straightening Kativa - Kit treatment
Kit Brazilian Straightening Kativa
Kit Brazilian Straightening Kativa
Kit Brazilian Straightening Kativa
Kit Brazilian Straightening Kativa
Kit Brazilian Straightening Kativa
Brazilian straightening Kativa - Kit treatment
Kit Brazilian Straightening Kativa
Kit Brazilian Straightening Kativa
Kit Brazilian Straightening Kativa
Kit Brazilian Straightening Kativa
Kit Brazilian Straightening Kativa

Brazilian straightening Kativa - Kit treatment

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Kit Brazilian Straightening Kativa. New format with more amount of product.

Exclusive formula without formaldehyde -based keratin hydrolyzed and Argan oil, that smooths the hair while it nourishes and restructures from root to tip. Moisturizes and eliminates frizz.

Its continued use helps to have a hair smooth, soft, manageable and with a natural glow. And without having to leave home!

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This system Brazilian Straightening Kativa came to revolutionize the market for hair perfect. Its exclusive formula achieves smooth even the most rebellious hair whilst looking after the quality of your hair. Nourishment, repair, hydration and shine are the four pillars of the brazilian straightening Kativa.

Now you can have all the benefits of a smooth professional hair salon with the economic benefit of being able to aplicártelo in your own home and without effort.

The brazilian straightening of Kativa based products in the keratin and does not use formaldehyde. So get a hair a lot more nourished, hydrated and easier to manage.

Forget about the treatments for hair that has damaged your hair, the straightening of Kativa are filled with keratin and argan oil, leaving your hair protected against external aggressions such as the dryer or the weather.

This type of straightening will last on average about two or three months with the basic care of maintenance.

What's included in the kit Brazilian Straightening Kativa?

The kit brazilian straightening Kativa is divided into four products that match the necessary steps to do so.

  • 1 sachet of Shampoo pre-treatment 15ml. Clean the hair in depth and prepares the hair fiber for the Smoothing.
  • Mask low volume (which is the treatment itself) 150ml. Also known as Brazilian Straightening. Suitable for all hair types.
  • Shampoo post-treatment 30ml. To hydrate and protect, while at the same time provide shine and softness to the hair.
  • Conditioner post-treatment 30ml. It is a balm, moisturiser, especially formulated for this type of treatments straightening at home.
  • 1 brush
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 explanatory booklet on the treatment


Brazilian straightening Kativa step-by-step:

Wash the hair with shampoo pre-treatment in the normal way, by massaging your scalp with the shampoo pre-treatment. In this step of the Brazilian Straightening Kativa you remove the possible contaminants that may be present in your hair.

Then remove the moisture with the towel and dry completely with the dryer.

Make a stripe in the middle of your hair, to divide it into two parts, the left and right. Once this is done, use the brush included to apply the Reducer volume(Kativa Brazilian Straightening). Apply from the roots to the tips.

Let sit for at least 15 minutes.

Once past this time, remove excess product with the help of a comb. And eye! because here comes the most important step and crucial for the result of your smoothing to be the best.

Dry your hair with the help of a dryer and a brush, until it is completely dry. Divide the hair in layers and blow-dry hair with the help of a round brush.

Now you have to smooth out the hair with the help of a flat iron hair. The ideal temperature is 220ºC, you'll have to give multiple passes to your hair. Eb etween 6 and 10 passes per section of hair.

Before you start the next step, wait at least 5 minutes.

Wash hair with the shampoo and conditioner post-treatment. Once you have the hair dry and perfectly smooth there is to re-dip it, but quiet because from here, continue being smooth.

Blow dry hair

Dry the hair with a dryer without using a comb, just using your hands.

Your brazilian straightening is ready. Result: hair smooth, soft and healthy without the need of going to the hairdresser.

The treatment of Keratin Kativa is a product that is widely recognised in the hairdressing sector. Thousands of sales attest to its success. Many bloggers with influence have tried it and have spoken wonders of him.

If you want to smooth your hair without the need of going to the barber, and above all you want to do it permanently, this kit Kativa is your best option.

How do I keep my Brazilian Straightening Kativa?

To maintain the smooth perfect is what we are all women after having performed this treatment; doing so that lasts for more time, smooth, soft and glossy it is our goal!!!

With KATIVA-POST STRAIGHTENING, we will make it.

Its formula based on Keratin hydrolyzed, will cause the vitamins and proteins into small particles more easily to your hair through the cuticles to restore the nutrition and vitality it needs. Also its formula is made with exquisite Argan oil that adds moisture, shine and softness to every hair fibre!

The Treatment Kit post smoothing of Kativa is intended to help maintain the straightening for longer, strengthens and restores hair damaged by chemical treatments, straightening. The complete kit includes:

- Shampoo post smoothed (250 ml)

- Conditioner post-smoothing (250 ml)

- Treatment mask post-smoothing (250 ml)

In addition, KATIVA-POST STRAIGHTENING does NOT contain SALT, SULFATES or PARABENS. This is a VERY important factor if you really want to keep the smoothing, as to be free of... 1. Salt, your hair will dry out, 2. ... free of Sulfates, do not devastate with the natural Keratin and... 3. ... free of Parabens, do not misuse your scalp or hair.

With all of this, KATIVA-POST STRAIGHTENING becomes the best option for you. Don't let anything stop you from showing a hair spectacular. Results:

  • Restructures internally and keeps hair smooth and resistant.
  • Seals the layers of the surface, making hair supple and manageable.
  • Eliminates frizz and reduces the volume of the hair

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2020-07-01 09:36:05
Estou muito satisfeita com todos os produtos que comprei da kativa, meu cabelo perdeu o volume que sempre quis e está lisinho,macio e brilhante ♥️ obrigado!
2020-07-01 08:55:06
Usei já por duas vezes e gosto muito. O cabelo fica bem liso e sedoso.
2020-05-05 15:28:44
Este é o segundo alisante que compro para ter de reserva pq gostei muito do anterior
2020-04-06 10:24:29
Muy buen producto. Lo uso desde hace años.
2019-10-13 20:19:59
Foi rápida a entrega. O produto não fez o prometido, preciso passar o ferro de alisamento.
2019-10-04 18:00:41
Gostei muito, estou muito satisfeita com o produto.
2019-10-01 13:04:17
Belleza Brasil Reply
Viva Andreia, Obrigado por deixar-nos o seu comentario! Temos muitos alisamentos de excelente qualidade para sí. Se nao se adaptou bem com este seguramente poderá experimentar outro que lhe funcione melhor! Pode nos escrever ao whatsapp 351 934201401 e estaremos encantadas de mostrar outras alternativas. Cumprimentos, BELLEZABRASIL Love is in the Hair
2019-09-15 23:05:29
Muito bom e muito fácil de utilizar
2019-09-05 15:55:12
O produto é bom, mas pouco para quem tem cabelo comprido. Devia haver uma embalagem com mais quantidade.
2019-09-02 22:54:25
Excelente desde que se faz o pedido até o momento da entrega, Tempo de entrega, O preço como combinado, A transportadora liga antes de fazer a entrega, Os produtos muito bom, Gostei e sem duvida que voltarei a confiar em belleza Brasil