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Cedib-Paris is a line of make-up classics that continue to maintain the most pleasant textures and the best properties. It is characterized by being composed of simple products and at the same time very effective, that they get a professional finishing.

We continue to maintain Compact Crème Couvrance, our traditional makeup with over 50 years in the Spanish market. Is a makeup cream soft and with good coverage, suitable for all skin types. Evens tone, smoothes the skin and restores its brightness.

The line expands with Fond de Teint Protecteur, a new makeup cream protective SPF 50+ mineral oil free. Suitable for all skin types and with a matte finish, long-lasting, and homogenous, and is water resistant.

Another of the novelties is Poudre Compact Universelle. Powder and creamy great adhesion, with a smooth texture and velvety. Provides a matte finish with long-lasting, uniform and bright. Suitable for all skin types, can be used alone, over any other type of makeup, or to refine and fix.