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Straightening, Inoar Beauty Brazil

In 1990 the famous straightening japanese came to Brazil, a new that however was only available to few people due to its high price. In this way, “Inô” began to study the formula and research active ingredients in the brazilian market to create a product similar and more accessible. The success was enormous, and orders for hairdressers were so many that their manufacture craft happened to be insufficient. The sales started between friends, friends of other friends, and then orders throughout Brazil were received.
So it was that on the 15th day of August 1991, when the treatment brazilian keratin saw the light and became the first line of products of Inoar Cosmetics.

Therefore Inoar has not stopped and continues to be an innovation and one success after another, following the example of Inoar G-hair that was released in 1992.

Source Inoar

In the 80's, in the market of cosmetics brazilians for professional stylists of hair, foreign brands dominated the market. The products were fairly expensive and were scarce, so for this same reason, the smoothing of the hair was almost a luxury only done in exclusive Salons. The access of clients to the treatment was very complicated and limited due to the high cost of the products and treatments.

When Innocence Manoel had only 13 years of age, and was playing with the strips of hair that the hair stylists gave, experienced mixtures of infinite products to straighten the hair, moisturizing and chemical substances which were then available in the market. His game consisted of coloring, bleaching, and applying all the chemicals on the hair in order to observe its reactions, and finally to develop and test several treatments to repair the hair. This experience lasted for years. Remember the founding: “The barbers separated by little strips of hair and I pick them up. Would buy each product which guarantees to smooth the hair on the label, mixed it together with other products and applied it to the hair samples, analyzing later the results.”
But his game has always had one goal: to keep the hair smooth and with a natural movement, but this dream was almost impossible, since I was born with curly hair. So Inocência spent too many parts of your time in search of products that might help you to get hair smooth and silky.

Therefore Inoar has not stopped and continues to be an innovation and one success after another, following the example of Inoar G-hair that was released in 1992.

Inoar today

A new visual identity was created to introduce the product directly to hairdressers all over the world. So easy and intelligent information is clear and the technical training for all professionals. The history of Inoar has involved millions of hairdressers, satisfied, women who changed their appearances and their lives totally.

It should be noted that hundreds of people improved their living standards with the project “Tesourinha and Beauty Solidária” (Tijerilla and Beauty of Solidarity).
Due to this success, Inoar is now the reference to other brands seeking to reveal the secrets of our scientific research, unmatched in quality and customer satisfaction.
Inoar Professional is the forerunner in the world of Brazilian Straightening Keratin and is always developing the latest techniques and products over the years. We care about our consumers and hairdressers, that's why we design products of high technology to also reduce the time in the living room, to provide security and quality.

Products in SPAIN INOAR are distributed officially in the Spanish market through Inoar Professional Spain Beauty and Brazil. This new strong arm is enabled to respond to the needs of the hairdresser and his client, dedicating them professionalism and experience under the criteria of Inoar Professional | Brazil.