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Showing 1-10 of 10 item(s)

Stratti is a brand for hair care developed and created thinking about the modern woman and has a new innovative formula, and that is that their products are salt-free to ensure a less aggressive on the hair.

This new line of hair care Stratti is perfect for your daily use because it is respectful with the scalp. In addition, it has been created with a variety of pleasant aromas that you'll choose depending on the characteristics of each hair. Each line has five products: shampoo, conditioner, mask, cream, comb and a mask treatment.

The line of products Stratti

  • Stratti Coconut: enriched with keratin perfect for dry hair.

  • Stratti Red Fruits: treatment to maintain the color. It is designed for coloured hair, and bacon. Contains keratin.

  • Stratti Orchid: for curly hairs. Ensures a better definition and flexibility of the curls.

  • Stratti Mango: controls the volume of the hair and is especially indicated for hair, rebels and frizz.

  • Stratti Argan: argan oil is an oil with moisturizing properties that returns the softness and light to the hair.

  • Stratti Bamboo: moisturizes and helps to strengthen the hair.

  • Stratti with Avocado and Shea butter: intense treatment of hifratación and repair dry hair.

  • Stratti Fruits of the Amazon: this treatment is ideal for normal hair because it provides complete and balanced nutrition.

  • Stratti Chocolate: treatment of total repair, which contains extract of cocoa.

  • Stratti donkey Milk: rich in essential nutrients and restorative properties and renovated to increase the moisture content and vitality of the hair.

  • Stratti Lima: perfect for greasy hair and dry nibs. It is also recommended for hair mixed.

It and healthy hair care naturally!