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Brazilian straightening Packs

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Showing 1-34 of 34 item(s)

Pack smoothing shampoo+liquid smooth+mask

The pack of smoothing are made by shampoo anti residúo, liquid, smooth (of different types and compositions) and mask ultra moisturizing.

The keratin does not damage the hair, but on the contrary, gives shine and volume to the hair opaque and eliminate the frizz of the hair encrespados. Is a great help to the hair with textures that are difficult to control as they tend to be the curly hairs.

This type of hair especially, are favored by the keratin, to nourish the hair becomes silky and soft without losing the volume that bring the curls and avoiding the hair to become straight.

In BellezaBrasil we have experts who choose the best straightening products brazilian so you don't have to worry about.

Since each skin reacts differently to chemical compounds, it is recommended to perform a test on a part of the hair and check their results.

In BellezaBrasil we are aware of the results of the brazilian straightening and we have satisfied customers who recommend it. Definitely, we believe that the treatments of keratin and brazilian straightening, they are very beneficial.

These treatments aim to prevent the curls and waves to reduce frizz. The treatments guarantee you a smooth-haired if done correctly, with the 85% - 100% effectiveness in loss of curl and frizz that usually depend on the original texture of the hair. The treatments last around 10 weeks and you can repeat the treatment.

Packs, savings with special discounts with the best products to straighten hair, it at the best price!