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Salt-free shampoo

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Showing 1-50 of 98 item(s)

Why use a shampoo without salt?

Salt-free and sulfate-free shampoos respect your hair like never before. Most Beauty Brazil products do not contain salt, so as not to damage the hair and prolong the effects of the keratin treatment, the progressive brush and others.

What is salt-free shampoo?

It is a product used for hair hygiene effectively without damaging or drying hair and hair keratin.

The salt-free shampoo has a different texture that, being more natural, does not generate excess foam, but cleans the same or better than other shampoos on the market. We have a wide variety of products without salt, we have a varied catalog of shampoo without salt for all types of hair. Trying the salt-free shampoo and seeing the results, you won't want to use another type of shampoo!


Application Method

1) Apply the shampoo on damp hair, scalp and the middle of the ends, always towards hair growth.
2) Massage your scalp with your fingertips for 2 minutes. Rinse your hair and repeat the operation.
3) It is recommended to complete the wash with the use of a mask and conditioner from the middle to the ends, to achieve more hydration and softness.
4) For best results, combine the use of the product with others of the same range or brand.

You will always find the shampoo you are looking for in Belleza Brasil at the best price!