Capillary Schedule

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What is the Capillary Schedule?

The hair program is divided into 3 phases: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction:

Hydration is the first step in the hair schedule and is essential to replenish water and mineral salts in dry hair. It is suitable for all types of hair, leaving them soft and shiny. However, it is not enough to hydrate. Hair needs nutrition and reconstruction.

The nutrition stage is responsible for replenishing the hair's nutrients and lipids. Lipids are fats produced naturally by the sebaceous glands of our scalp that protect the hair. As we know, nourishing hair is nourishing it. At this stage of the hair program, the hair will regain its shine and strength.

Finally, the reconstruction phase acts on the replacement of proteins in the filaments, especially keratin (protein formed by the human body). Reconstruction is an essential step for brittle or porous hair to transform into shiny, silky and aligned hair, restoring the hair fiber.

See the steps for each type of hair, with our most suitable products: Novex Bamboo Shoot, Novex Coconut Oil and Novex Brazilian Kerati.

What are the main steps of a hair schedule?

Learn about the best masks for each stage of the hair schedule: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction.

Every day our hair is subject to various aggressions that make it look different than we would like.

Sometimes hair is damaged due to dyes, chemical processes, the use of hairdryers or irons, but also due to factors that we cannot control, such as chlorine or salt, pollution or UV rays.

When it comes to hair care, we like to think that we are well informed, but do we treat our hair in the best way? Will we have the correct hair routines?

Hair plays a key role in building female self-esteem and we all aspire to have healthy hair, which is why we introduced you to the concept of a hair schedule.