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What is the Low Poo Technique?

Low Poo is a technique that uses shampoo without aggressive sulfates, insoluble silicones and petroleum derivatives in the wash. Thus, to carry out the method, it is necessary to replace the shampoos that contain substances that are aggressive to the hair by removing part of its protection layer. In addition, it is necessary to remove the petrolatums that can be harmful to the hair over time.

This technique is ideal for curly or black hair and cleans all types of residue from the scalp so that the curls regain their natural shape and look healthy.

How are Low Poo shampoos used?

These shampoos have a similar use to conventional shampoos, but they do not create lather. This can be confusing as it doesn't seem like it does a deep clean, but it doesn't really affect the cleanliness of the hair.

As they are mild shampoos, they are suitable for daily use. If you don't want to use the shampoo daily, you can also try the Co Wash technique, which involves cleansing your hair with special conditioners.