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What is the No Poo technique?

Different from the Low Poo technique, No Poo is a technique that does not use shampoo for washing. Thus, it uses cleansing balms without insoluble silicones and petrolates in the composition. Among the adepts, many are curly and frizzy.

The no poo concept plays on the word play “no shampoo” to completely eliminate the use of shampoos in the daily hair care routine.

This technique is most used by women with curly or afro hair because it tends to be drier than other hair types and excessive shampooing can be harmful.

In addition to the No Poo technique, other techniques have also come out for the special needs of curly hair. that cleanse the hair without removing essential oils from the scalp. These No Poo, Low Poo and Co Wash.

In Belleza Brasil you can find suitable products to put into practice any of these three techniques. We invite you to try them!