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Vegan hair products

At Belleza Brasil we are also committed to offering you vegan products, that is, of 100% vegetable origin and that do not test on animals.

Every day there are more people aware of the use of products of natural origin and a lifestyle based on products of plant origin. This trend is the order of the day and not only covers food, but also occupies other areas such as cosmetics or hair products.

People who use vegan products for their beauty care, bet on natural beauty products that take care of the environment and, in addition, do not test on animals.

Why use vegan hair products

Their natural ingredients make them suitable products for all skin and hair types. They do not contain chemicals, so the skin does not suffer annoying itching or irritation.

Help the environment. The production of products of animal origin have a high environmental impact. Vegan products are composed of proteins of plant origin.

They do not contain ingredients harmful to the hair such as silicones and parabens. Although they help to clean the hair, it is not good to abuse them because they dry and damage the hair easily, especially after a straightening treatment.