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Curly hair requires a little more work on wash day. Not only because we usually need to apply some treatment, such as hydration or protein intake, but because we usually need to make a definition. In return, we do not need to wash our hair as often and we can lengthen it more than in straight hair.

Definitions are of course not mandatory and some people choose to leave their curls natural, without adding any definition product. However, most of us, before drying our hair - either in the open air or with a diffuser - we usually make use of different techniques and definition products.

Thanks to this, you will not only get the curls to last longer without falling apart - from the rubbing of the pillows when sleeping, when gathering the hair, etc. - but it will give us more defined curls, with less frizz, more hydrates and brighter.

Some people, before defining gel or cream, use a leave in (or leave-in conditioner) to provide even more hydration and ensure that the hair does not become so dry. Thanks to this, frizz is avoided and robust and highly hydrated curls are achieved. Not everyone is good with the use of leave in or styling cream as it can be heavy. It is a matter of testing.