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Vegan shampoo

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Vegan hair care shampoo

In Belleza Brasil we also bet on natural products and vegan products, of 100% natural origin and that do not test on animals. Opting for the use of vegan products is and even a lifestyle and at Belleza Brasil we can offer you the best vegan shampoos.

These shampoos contain natural ingredients that deeply cleanse the scalp without damaging it, since the vast majority of them do not contain chemical ingredients, such as silicones or parabens. 100% vegan shampoos are those that have not been tested on animals and that, in addition, do not contain among their ingredients any of animal origin such as honey, propolis or hyaluronic acid.

Brands that include vegan products among their production lines are usually very environmentally conscious, so they are usually organic products that are packaged in a recycled material.

What brands are committed to vegan shampoos?

More and more cosmetic brands include in their product ranges, natural care lines that take care of the environment and that, in addition, do not test on animals. That is, they are vegan.

Two of the best-known brands in Belleza Brasil include vegan shampoos among their production lines. These brands areLola Cosmetics and Novex-Embelleze , two brands that are also very committed to caring for the environment.

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