What is the payment safe?

Is the authentication service for Secure Electronic Commerce based on the international protocol 3D Secure.

The authentication Service for Secure Electronic Commerce based on the International protocol 3D Secure, will be used by the Owner in those businesses certified as Secure by Visa or Mastercard, which will appear identified by the logos "Verified by Visa" or "MasterCard SecureCode", respectively.

This Service consists in the use of the actual card, so that its holder will provide data that will be requested from the trade and at the end of the transaction 'Banco Santander' will display a window to the Holder and will be required to identify yourself using your online banking password. Once you have identified the owner, 'Banco Santander' will authorize the transaction.

A safe Shopping on the Internet basically consists in the Authentication of the card holder. From CECA (Spanish Confederation of Savings banks) are driving the international standard of Secure Electronic Commerce developed by Visa and MasterCard, based on the authentication of the identity of the trade and the holder of the card.

The mechanism of the purchase is as follows:

When you buy in a store, as Bellezabrasil.is that this the logos "Verified by Visa" or "MasterCard© Secure Code”, once you have selected the product to be purchased and ordered in the order you will be prompted to enter the data of the card with which you want to pay.

The system detects that your card is activated in e-Commerce Safe, and starts the authentication of the holder via the screen that is currently displayed.

This authentication of the cardholder can be done by several ways, depending on the entity issuing the card, by mobile Phone, by VINI, etc...

When you approve the transaction, the trade then receives confirmation of the payment.