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Pack Brazilian Straightening Kativa + Kit Post-Smoothed 3 You Kativa

Kativa - Pack Brazilian Straightening + Post Straightening 3 pcs

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Pack Brazilian Straightening + Post Straightening 3 pcs: This pack of brazilian straightening of Kativa is formed by the kit brazilian straightening (shampoo pre-treatment + shampoo + conditioner) and the kit of post-smoothed 3 units (containing a shampoo, a conditioner special for hair treatment, straightening, volume reduction, or simply dyed, and a face mask)

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ofertas outlet maquillaje barato online
ofertas outlet maquillaje barato online
ofertas outlet maquillaje barato online
ofertas outlet maquillaje barato online

This pack contains the kit brazilian straightening from Kativa (shampoo pre treatment, shampoo and conditioner 15ml all of them) and the kit of post-smoothed 3 units (containing a shampoo, a conditioner special for hair treatment, straightening, volume reduction, or simply dyed, and a face mask).

The kit brazilian straightening of Kativa is a system of treatment based of keratin and argan oil that does not contain formalin. Smooth your hair at the same time it nourishes, repairs, moisturizes it and gives it brightness.

In addition, it eliminates the frizz and usually last about 10 weeks.

Kit and a post-smoothing of 3 units is especially suitable for hair that have already been submitted to a treatment of straightening, volume reduction, or simply dyed.

It is formulated with products such as keratin or arginine and is perfect to rehydrate your hair punished or weakened.

The shampoo post straightening (250ml) with keratin and no formaldehyde protects your hair and moisturizes it deeply. To not wear a salt, maintains the results of the treatment for a longer time.

The conditioner post straightening (250ml), is a balm extra creamy and smooth texture, rich in natural antioxidants which hydrate and soften your hair. Eliminates the frizz.

And the mask restructures your hair, giving it back all its strength, and its natural properties.

Kativa is a brand of styling products of peruvian origin that distributes worldwide.

They are known especially for their treatments of keratin and straightening brazilian, as well as its processes of maintenance of these treatments.

All their products are made free of salts, sulfates or parabens to a greater prolongation of the effects of the keratin in the hair. It is as well as can reduce the irritation of the scalp.

The essential ingredients that the firm Kativa used in the preparation of their styling products are the keratin, quinoa, argan oil, collagen and macadamia oil.

We are going to answer some of the main questions that can arise when getting a brazilian straightening.

Brazilian straightening kativa

First, how long it lasts?

The duration is usually around three months. About ninety days, but you must keep in mind that each hair is different, and each root absorbs the treatment in a different way. For example, if you have the frizzy hair is going to be of great help to eliminate the volume and frizz. Also got the lowering treatment volume Kerapro. There are women that lasts for 2 and a half months and there are others who maintain more than four months.

Second. For what kind of hair is recommended?

To see this is very broad. In general, any type of brazilian straightening treatment or keratin is recommended for all hair types but in particular, it has created hair rebellious, curly or frizzy, they are often the most difficult to treat. That is to say, that if you have a hair “not curly” the results will be even greater. You can use it regardless of the condition of your hair, if it has been dyed, permed or straightened. In fact, treatment works best if you've already put tints, or you have treated your hair with some type of chemical.

Third. How often you should you do?

If you want to keep the hair smooth and perfect as if I'll end up doing, it is normal that when you notice that your hair is perfect, I'll come back to do. The average is 2 or 4 months but it all depends on the needs of your hair. And if you want to reverse the process, simply do not re-let and your hair will be the before a little bit. You can always re-do the smoothing when you want it.

Fourth. How long does it take the get the treatment?

The full-time application is of an approximate time of 3 hours. Depends on the length of your hair and also the volume. The more calm you put in the better, but in general it is treatment is fast and safe, which little by little you're taking the point in the following applications.

Fifth. I have to stop brushing my hair?

It is recommended that once you have done the treatment brazilian straightening aguantes a couple of days before shampooing the hair, so the product penetrates perfectly in the root and in the hair fibre.

Sixth. I have to take any special care after the brazilian straightening?

See, this is like everything else. It would be interesting that don't do ponytails or high ponytails these early days, the best thing is that the hair is loose. Also, avoid swimming in the sea or the swimming pool and the use of products such as foams, gels or varnishes these three days.

We recommend the use of shampoos without salt and sulfates. So you'll prolong the results of treatment.

Seventh. Can I dye the hair?

Of course you can dye your hair, it is recommended to match the use of anti-aliasing with the date of its coloration. Perform the treatment of straightening, and then the dye, because the smoothing can clarify one or two shades of the color of the dye. That is why we recommend to dye it after.

Eighth. What is the difference between the Brazilian Straightening and Smoothing Japanese?

See, the main difference is that the brazilian straightening is prepared to act on hair, chemically treated, especially tinted, highlighted or marred by the irons, and that the effect is more natural, as the hair will recover its shape slowly as time goes by.

In contrast, the smoothed Japanese is more targeted to hair who do not wear any chemical, it tints or highlights, permanent, or any other smoothing. The effect is that of an ironing and is not as natural. In addition, it is a straightening permanent, so if you repent, you will cut.

If after reading you still have any questions just let us know. And you already know that in maquilleo what you can get at the best price.


1. Wash the hair with Shampoo pre-treatment 1 to 2 times. Then dry it with a towel. Once the hair clean, dry completely with the dryer.

2. Divide the hair into several parts, and apply the Mask 2 tuft to tuft with the brush. Make sure that it is well distributed the product from root to tip.

3. Let act the product for 15 minutes. At the end of the exposure time, remove the excess if any with a comb.

4. Dry the hair with the help of a brush and a dryer with the technique of blow drying. A good drying and brushing ensures an optimal result.

5. Iron the hair, taking fine sections of hair around and pass the iron 6 to 12 times at a temperature between 200 ° and 215ºC (the number of times it passes the plate and the temperature will depend on the thickness of hair. It is advisable to reduce the temperature of the iron if you have the tips damaged, discolored, or with wicks). Iron the hair until there is no residue of the Mask 2. Before starting step 6, wait 5 minutes for it to cool down the hair.

6. Wash the hair with Shampoo 3 to remove completely the residues of the treatment. Remove excess moisture and apply the Conditioner 4. Let it act for 5 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. Then, dry your hair with the dryer.

Content pack treatment Planing for an application:

1. on shampoo pre-treatment: 15 ml.

2. pot treatment straightening: 100 ml.

3. about shampoo: 15 ml.

4. about conditioner: 15 ml

Kativa kit post smoothing

Kativa kit post smoothing is especially recommended after a treatment of brazilian straightening. The kit Kativa-post straightening is also perfect to re-hydrate the hair punished or weakened.

Hair hydrated with Kativa

Kativa kit post smoothing acts deeply in the inner layers of the hair fiber and recovers its natural properties of your hair. With Kativa kit post smoothing the hair looks hydrated, glossy and with a silky texture. In addition, the active principles of natural Kativa combine perfectly to protect your hair in the healthiest way possible.

The Kit post smoothing of Kativa is composed by Kativa shampoo and Kativa conditioner so that your hair is clean and nourished for a long time. Kativa shampoo with keratin without formalin and Arginine

Kativa shampoo post smoothing

Kativa shampoo with keratin without formalin and Arginine leaves your hair protected and hydrated deeply. In addition, Kativa shampoo as it does not carry salt maintains the results of the treatment for much longer either straightening Kativa, volume reduction, or simply dyed. 250ml

Kativa conditioner post-smoothing

Kativa conditioner is a balm extra creamy and smooth texture. Kativa conditioner is rich in natural antioxidants which hydrate and soften deeply your hair. Kativa eliminates the frizz. A hair more healthy and strong is possible with Kativa. 250ml

Kativa kit post-smoothing is perfect to repair, nourish and protect any hair type that is displayed, punished, rebellious, or without life.

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