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Pack straightening Cadiveu Plastica dos Fios 3x110ml

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Successful brand among hairdressers, celebrities and actresses famous in Brazil, the united States, Europe and Australia. Brazil Cocoa is present in more than 70 countries and its expansion is due to the high performance treatments.

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Brazil Cocoa Keratin restores the health of your hair and offers an incredible smooth natural radiant glow. Differences with other straightening keratin:

  • the hair can be washed and combed on the same day, no waiting
  • the tips of the hair look natural and healthy, thanks to our exclusive method of application
  • surprising result: 30% more penetration, restoring elasticity
  • higher profitability due to their fast and easy implementation and lower costs per application
  • application no perfume or smoke, which ensures comfort to the clients and to the professional salon
  • can be applied after any chemical process
  • we recommend, for better health of the hair, wait two days to do other treatments
  • allows you to perform a selection of new procedures with the treatment


  • can be used on all types of hair, even dyeing, previously straightened, or with wicks
  • in any case, to be straightened, the hair should be healthy and in perfect conditions
  • if your hair is very damaged, weak or broken, better to do a keratin treatment to strengthen it before smoothing

Active principles

It is an exclusive and differentiated treatment for the intense restoration of the hair with formula-based:

  • Cocoa butter has essential fatty acids, with nourishing properties, moisturizing and antioxidant
  • hydrolyzed keratin, a protein that surrounds the hair with a film, making it more resistant and elastic
  • d-panthenol, which treats and moisturizes deeply
  • pro-vitamin B5, is an important nutrient in the maintenance of the health of the hair


Why Brazil Cocoa is more efficient than the hidrataciones conventional? Its action is given by the variation of the pH in the hair. The alkaline pH of the shampoo opens the cuticle of the hair and intensifies the absorption of the main active, by promoting an absolute hydration and nutrition. The acid pH of the trailer, and the smoothing treatment closes the cuticles allowing the storage of the nutrients to the interior of the hair fiber, prolonging the results of the treatment and promote an intense shine.


Hair recovered, treated from the inside of the hair fiber, touch of silk, and full of brightness with a smooth effect for up to 6 months.


The product comes in a kit that contains:

  • shampoo 1000 ml (step 1)
  • straightening 1000 ml (step 2)
  • mask-1000 ml (step 3)

Method of use

  1. apply the deep cleansing shampoo (step 1) of the same brand to form abundant foam and repeat the operation
  2. rinse with abundant water to remove all the product, the hair is ready for treatment
  3. after washing, dry around 80% of the hair with a
  4. comb the hair with a comb of long teeth, and divide the hair in 6 equal parts
  5. put an approximate amount of 30 to 40ml of this smoothing (step 2) in a bowl of plastic (not metal) and put on the gloves
  6. attach a wick to the sole near the region of the nape of the neck with the help of a fine-tooth comb so as not to leave excess product
  7. each two strands to dry with cold air to fully wick
  8. repeat this operation on all strands
  9. divide again the hair strands are fine and we started to iron with a 6-to 10-fold going from the root to the half of the tuft, and 3-to 6-fold in the tips, using the correct temperature for your hair type:
  10. blond hair, bleached and fine: 180º
  11. normal hair, color-treated, thick, average and healthy: 200
  12. hair thick, black and virgin: 220 º
  13. finish the ironing in all of the locks, and wait about 2 or 3 minutes to allow the hair go back to its normal temperature
  14. rinse the hair thoroughly with running water and apply the mask (step 3) throughout the hair, massaging strand by strand in the sense of the root to the tips
  15. leave the product to act for 5-10 minutes
  16. rinse and finish as desired
  17. wait 24-48 hours without washing the hair or tie it
  18. to maintain the smooth effect on the hair we recommend the use of products without salt and that will prolong the smoothing

Frequency of use

It can be applied again last 45 days if you want to emphasize the smooth effect, but the smoothing tends to last for up to 6 months with maintenance with products without salt smooth effect.

Follow to the letter the mode of use and always test as much wick as sensitivity. It is recommended the use of irons appropriate for this type of treatment, with plates of titanium and a temperature regulator. Recommended price in the living room: 150 -350 euros.

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