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Novex AmaciHair Kit Relaxation and Smoothing Embelleze

Embelleze AmaciHair Kit Relaxation and Smoothing

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With AmaciHair you'll be able to reinvent your curls! Give freedom to your waves, conquering your natural beauty, reinvéntate, remodels the natural shape of your curls.

With AmaciHair will breathe life into your hair. It is the system of relaxation of curl number 1 in sales in Brazil.

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Dermatologically tested, adds shine, softness to the hair. Compatible with guanidine. Everything you need to give freedom to your curls find it in this kit.

This kit of smoothing of the mark Embelleze has been specially indicated to smooth out the curly hairs. Reduces the volume, achieving a natural effect. It is formulated to base of guanidine.

The kit contains a cream relaxing of 220gr, an activator 45ml, shampoo, indicator, 65ml, a spatula, a pair of gloves and a guide of explanation.


  1. Application:
    • Place the cream of relaxation in a bowl with plastic and mix with the activator
    • Slowly mix the contents with the wooden spatula
    • The hair should be unwashed for 2 days and dry without any residue of creams or serums
    • With the hair detangled and separated into 4 parts, tie clamps non-metallic
    • Start the application from the nape to the forehead, in tufts very thin, to 1 cm of the root, and up to half of the hair
    • At the end, distribute to the tips with the help of a fine-tooth comb
    • Repeat this process with the quadrants next until you complete all the hair
    • Count the exposure time from the first time you apply does not pass the 35 minutes
    • Remove with plenty of water and to clarify
    • Apply shampoo indicator to make foam, if it comes out pink, repeat the operation until it comes out white
    • To strengthen the hair fiber to use the face mask strength of bamboo for about 20 minutes and rinse
    • Finish as desired
    • We recommend a good maintenance with the range of bamboo of novex or other restorative

  2. Adjustment of the root:
    • You can make it past 60 days, in the part not treated previously and following the same guidelines as before

Frequency of use
Past 60 days you can do the touch up on the root.

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