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Mask Alignment Capillary Magic Liss 450g

Magic Liss Mask Alignment Capillary 450g

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The line Magic Liss is indicated for anyone looking for professional results, straightening, volume reduction, or alignment of the capillary in the house. Products Magic Liss not only act on the transformation of the hair, but helps keep them hydrated, healthy and strong throughout the process.

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Ideal for carrying out processes of smoothing progressive, the Magic Liss Mask Alignment Capillary provides a smooth, full and a brightness dazzling in the intervals of the chemical, between each progressive.

Thanks to the technology Seridefrizz, this mask is perfect for taming the hair more rebellious, offering wire more disciplined, soft and frizz-free.

Mode of use:

1 - Wash the hair with Shampoo Novex of your choice to clean the threads. Repeat the process if necessary.

2 - Remove excess water from the strands with your hands and apply the Magic Liss Mask Alignment of the Capillary in the whole extension of the strands, from the root to the tips. Wrap and leave on for 20 minutes.

3 - Rinse thoroughly.

4 - Apply a small amount of Shielding Hair Novex of your preference all over the hair.

5 - Brushing, drying and ironing.



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