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Treatment Novex Coffee hair Growth For Bombar Pack 4 products

Pack treatment Novex Coffee hair Growth For Bombar 4 products

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New treatment of Novex coffee. With vitamin A for the hair to grow faster, whey protein to enhance the strength of the hair and d-panthenol that gives an explosion of shine, softness and protects damaged ends and open.

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Offer! This pack includes in the price an additional discount with respect to the products separately.


Shampoo 250ml: cleanses deeply the hair without harming the hair fibre, stimulating the natural cycle of hair growth and adding volume to natural

Conditioner 250ml: its innovative formula conditions the hair, facilitating combing and styling to avoid breakage while combing

Mask 1Kg: with 3.4 ph that favors to seal the cuticle, promotes hydration total it repairs and stimulates hair growth. Gives volume and effect antifrizz in just 3 minutes!

Tonic 60ml: this is a concentrated solution that promotes the hair growth and strengthen the root, contains D-Panthenol and Capilmax that makes that in 2 months, the hair increases up to 33 thousand hair again.

Can be worn in three different ways Indication for weak Hair, thin, without volume and with slow growth. Active principles Formula super-concentrated with vitamin a, whey protein and D-Panthenol. Does not contain salt.

Action: Adds volume, stimulates hair growth of 2 to 3 months.

With the continued use of the range you get + 33.000 new hair, Moisturizes from the inside of the hair Adds shine and softness instantly.

Result: Hair is more hydrated, soft, with volume and shiny for a longer time. Method and frequency of use For an intensive treatment of hair growth 2 or 3x /week for 3 months:

Wash with shampoo, Dry the moisture with a towel, Mix in a bowl the extent of the cap of the tonic with a measure of mask, Apply on hair and leave on for 30 minutes Rinse and apply a measure of the conditioner means to ends Leave on for 2 minutes Rinse and finish as desired For a daily routine.

Wash with the shampoo. Implement a measure of the conditioner and leave on for 2 minutes. You can use the mask as a conditioner, leaving it to act for 3 minutes.

For an intensive use of the tonic bombar: to Mix with the shampoo: a measure of the stopper of the tonic, use the usual way to Apply directly on the scalp: massage thoroughly and leave on for an hour and proceed to wash with the full range of bombar. For a more intense growth you can leave it overnight and the next morning wash the hair with the range of bombar. Do this routine 2 or 3 times per week for 3 months to see the results.

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