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Luxuriant hair Treatment Sellecta Step 1 - 1L

Sellecta Luxuriant hair Treatment Step 1 - 1L

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Sellecta Professional - Tannin Therapy Brazilian Oils (Step 1) 1000ml

Professional system of reduction of the volume to all hair types.

Treatment of three steps especially designed for hair bulky.

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Professional line with products of volume reduction, treatment and care of the hair, with special active oils and brazilians.

Hair smooth and healthy for a longer time. The tannins help to moisturize in depth, repair and control frizz. Are preservatives of plant origin that are in the bark of trees, of wine or fruit. The product works from the inside of the hair genrando a chain protein of the capillary fiber that when you apply the heat it hydrates and smoothes at the time. Regenerates the hair fiber and smoothes leaving hair dry and frizz completely hydrated and nourished. The time duration varies between 4 and 6 months, always taking into account the in-home care and washing.

Brazilian Oils

SHAMPOO PRE-TANNIN THERAPY (STEP 1) 1000ML how TO USE: Apply to wet hair and massage the scalp with the fingers. Coloured hair, blond hair, and hairs with wicks: Rinse and repeat the process, leaving it act for 15/20 minutes.

ACTIVE TANNIN THERAPY (STEP 2): 1000ML how TO USE: Shake before use. After washing hair with the shampoo and pre -, to dry the hair 80-90%. Divide the hair in four parts, to apply the active with the brush proper wick to wick, and with a fine-tooth comb to distribute evenly the product to the tips. Leave the active 40 to 60 minutes depending on the type of hair (Up to 80 minutes on afro hair). Rinse with warm water.

MASK-RECONSTRUCTIVE (STEP 3) 1000ML how TO USE: After rinsing off the active to remove the excess

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