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Shampoo VitaBlack Shea butter without salt and without sulfates 400ml
Shampoo VitaBlack Shea butter without salt and without sulfates 400ml
Shampoo VitaBlack Shea butter without salt and without sulfates 400ml
Shampoo VitaBlack Shea butter without salt and without sulfates 400ml

Shampoo Bigeye Restoration Stratti without salt 400ml

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Shampoo Bigeye Restoration Stratti without salt 400ml

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The oil capillary Stratti Bigeye has been developed to provide nutrition and hydration to dry hair, damaged or chemically-thermally. Acts within the hair fiber by providing a deep hydration and a healthy growth of hair. Naturally enriched with essential vitamins, antioxidants and lipids, and gives the hair a shine and softness intense.

Considered the best vegetable oil for hair treatment, the oil of bigeye has many benefits for the hair. Elaeis oleifera, or bigeye, is a species of palm tree native to Central and South America, predominates from Honduras to northern Brazil, mainly in the amazon region. It is quite common in the islands of the Caribbean to the extent that its properties fruit orchards become famous as "miracles of the caribbean". The oil palm american, as it is also called, grows well in regions with heavy rainfall and dense forests, and the fruits feed many birds, mammals, and insects. Its fruit is a pulp that has nuts in it, and it is from these nuts which the oil is obtained from bigeye, or oil american. The nuts are extracted manually from the fruit, then ground and pressed to obtain the oil of bigeye. The extracted oil is rich in lipids and fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid. Because it is highly concentrated, can solidify at room temperature, making it resemble a cream.

The main application of the oil of bigeye is in the hair, providing many benefits. Rich in amino acids, antioxidants and natural lipids, the oil of bigeye brings together all the essence necessary to keep your hair healthy. The oil obtained has a composition similar to the lipids found in the hair, and can restructure the strands and lipids are lost. With lipid barrier is stabilized, ensure the strength and resistance to hair, reducing breakage.

It also helps in the reconstruction of the hair fiber. Because it is similar to the natural compounds in the hair, the oil of bigeye is recommended for people who tend to have sensitivity in the scalp. It is considered one of the best vegetable oils for hair treatment.

The oil of Bigeye penetrates deeply into the hair, obtaining excellent effects on damaged hair. Provides recovery of hair cells, intense shine, strength and protects against attacks daily as the winds, the pollution, the sun's rays and also the effects of the hairdryer and the flat iron. It also serves as antifrizz and reduces the volume of hair in the hair. Given that the oil protects the strands of the chemical treatments, avoid applying it before you make any kind of process on your hair, such as straightening and dyeing, as it can hinder the action of activating substances such as dyes. If you apply after the processes, in addition to that the oil does not "interrupt" procedures, treat and nourish the hair sensitive damaged. It can also be used as a thermal protector. Before using a hair dryer and a flat iron, apply a few drops of oil on wet hair. To reduce the volume and eliminate frizz, apply a small amount of oil on dry hair. The oil of Bigeye is self-contained, so that it is not necessary to mix it with any other vegetable oil or moisturizing creams. Apply pure oil to your hair after the shampoo and before the conditioner, to repair damage and dryness. The procedure can be performed whenever you feel the need to apply it, but its use is not indicated more than three times a week, we can do that the threads are heavy and greasy (because it is very dense). Remember to always use oil of bigeye 100% natural-free of harmful chemicals such as parabens.

Hair restoration has gone through treatments with chemical, dye, or use a lot of the dryer and/or flat iron.

Active Principles:
Oil of Bigeye naturally enriched with essential vitamins, antioxidants and lipids.

Method of use:

  1. Wash hair with the shampoo of Bigeye Stratti
  2. Mix 3/4 tablespoons of the mask of Bigeye Stratti + 1 teaspoon of the Oil Stratti of Bigeye
  3. Apply the mixture on the whole length of the hair
  4. Put the cap heat.
  5. Leave on for about 10 minutes.
  6. To clarify.
  7. Apply the conditioner of Bigeye Stratti to seal the cuticles
  8. Proceed to dry and then ironing the hair, so that the product is within the hair.
  9. Finish by applying a few drops of the oil of Bigeye for an extra touch of brightness.

You can repeat the treatment every 15 days for 3 to 4 times and then 1 time per month.

Brassica Campestri Seed Oil, Elaeis Guineensis Oil, BHT, CI 4700, CI 26100, Parfum.

Size: 400ml

More information
This brand is not tested on animals.


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