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Kit Post-Smoothed 3 You Kativa


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This kit post smoothing contains a shampoo (250ml), conditioner (250ml) and a mask (250ml) Designed for hair straightening, ideal to regain the life of the hair, ill-treated, dry or dull

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This is a maintenance treatment special based of keratin and arginine intended for hair straightening, are ill-treated, dry or dull.

The shampoo post-smoothing does not contain salt and protects and deeply hydrates your hair fiber. Leaves you hair shiny and very soft (250ml).

The conditioner is a balm of creamy texture rich in natural antioxidants that hydrates your hair and makes it soft and manageable (250ml).

The mask does not contain formalin and restructures your hair, giving it back all its strength, and its natural properties.

Kativa is a brand of styling products of peruvian origin that distributes worldwide.

They are known especially for their treatments of keratin and straightening brazilian, as well as its processes of maintenance of these treatments.

All their products are made free of salts, sulfates or parabens to a greater prolongation of the effects of the keratin in the hair. It is as well as can reduce the irritation of the scalp.

The essential ingredients that the firm Kativa used in the preparation of their styling products are the keratin, quinoa, argan oil, collagen and macadamia oil.

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2020-11-26 18:15:22
Boa tarde, Lamentavelmente ainda não recebi a minha encomenda,a qual paguei no mesmo dia. Aguardo vosso contato. Carla
2020-05-11 15:25:03
excelente para mi cabello tratado con alisado
2019-07-19 13:48:59
Me encanta!!! es super hidratante y huele muy bien. Ha llegado rapidísimo y en perfectas condiciones, incluso habían asegurado todos los recipientes con cinta adhesiva. Imposible encontrar un producto así por ese precio.
2019-07-17 18:34:44
Previo calidad bueno...